Bring your idea to life with our proven ready to deploy e-wallet solution. Quickly find out some of the frequently asked questions, that our e-wallet expertise has answered.

What support do I get from the e-wallet solution providers?
We will provide lifetime free support for our e-wallet users. But the support will not be provided when the code is edited by the client.
Is your e-wallet platform open-source?
No, this digital wallet platform is not open-source.
Will I get help in Installing the e-wallet application platform?
Yes, we will guide you with the e-wallet application installation process.
Is the digital payment system a one-time payment process?
Yes, this is a one-time payment process. Thus the e-wallet solution will be charged once you need the customization in it.
What is the expected server requirement for handling the e-wallet application?
We will provide suggestions on the server requirements based on your e-wallet application features.
Who will provide the server for the e-wallet application?
Clients have to provide a server for their e-wallet application.
Who will keep up the digital wallet application server maintenance?
We will maintain your digital wallet application server.
Will our API be integrated into your e-wallet script?
Yes, you can integrate any third-party API with our e-wallet script.
Are we provided third party Integration?
Yes we provide third party integration.
Is all the API secure in the e-wallet solution?
Yes, Our kong microservice architecture protects all your API’s.
Who will provide the user’s mobile app stores account?
The client has to provide their mobile app stores account.
Who will get the approval of my digital wallet app in the mobile app stores?
We will take care of the mobile app stores approval for your e-wallet application.
Who will update our e-wallet application in the mobile app stores?
We will update your e-wallet application in your mobile app stores.
Will I get frequent updates and notifications for the digital wallet application?
Yes, you will be frequently notified with the updates and notifications for the mobile wallet application.